Quick reflections on the lovely citywide Good Friday service

My thoughts on the Good Friday service – a whole lot of blessing, one thing that irked me pretty good, and some theological food for thought!

  • I absolutely LOVE being able to scan a room and see dozens of familiar faces, many whom I have not connected with in a long time. To have so many believers from our area gathered together is so encouraging to me on a personal level, really uplifting. What a huge blessings to be part of such a large extended family of believers across so many churches!
  • Over 1000 people in the first service! That is awesome! JOIN ME in praying that in the near future we’ll have to move to the arena side! I am serious, pray for that!
  • Was really blessed by the praise, the music was excellent. Loved the last song, Jesus is the LIVING hope! I was moved powerfully by that song, as well as the music during communion.
  • The stage looked really good! The hanging cross was very artistic.
  • The messages were great. It stretches my mind to really imagine what it would have been like seeing Jesus carry that cross. The ugliness of it all still can get to me. We heard this morning of the love of God that led to action. Love is an action word, substitution is an action word. It was the ugliest act ever carried out upon this earth, and it was also the most loving. It’s always a sobering and weighty thought to think that Christ carried that cross in my place. That he did so willingly is perhaps one of my greatest encouragements when the enemy comes against me. I was reminded of that again today and am in awe of my Lord and Savior. He is worthy of every song and shout and prayer in that room today!

So I was really blessed by who and what I saw and heard this morning and have been praising God for events like this and those who work to put them on. 

There was only one negative aspect of the whole event that really got my goat so to speak: When Pastor Steve came to introduce and illuminate communion for us, speaking from Mark, the lady beside him began picking notes on the guitar while he was talking, and eventually even began playing whole chords. It is hard to understate how frustrating this is for me as a musical person, the music almost instantly prevents me from being attentive to the spoken word. It strikes me as fairly unnecessary (and almost rude, though that might seem harsh) and I was quite disappointed, I can only really recall one thing from the message that was just 45 minutes ago. I guarantee that’s not the intent of the musician at all, but I’ll be the first to admit it messes with me and shuts me out rather than draws me in. Maybe that officially qualifies me as old! What do you think? Let me know if you agree with me or not on this one! To what extent is it okay or beneficial to play music over/behind prayer or speaking? 

Finally, the bit of theology I left pondering was a statement made several times today, that the cross is a revelation of our worth. 

I mulled this over in my head on the drive away from Revolution place. It’s certainly a statement I have wrestled with before. Personally, I think it better to say the cross is a bestowal of worth. While that seems like a small difference, recall that words shift meaning dramatically. But is that actually better? Is there a sense in which the cross reveals worth? Those were the questions that were jumping around the bounce castle of my brain for the last hour.

I’ll write a quick follow up post outlining my thoughts on the differences another time. For now off to Wendy’s for some Good Friday fellowship!

Grace and peace!

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